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Champion Cooler was founded in 1937 as Dallas Engineering Company as a manufacturer of fans and other household products. In 1954, the company changed its name to Champion Cooler and later relocated its facility to its current location in Denison Texas. At that point, evaporative coolers became Champion Cooler’s only product line, and concentrated efforts were directed at creating the best, most technologically advanced evaporative coolers on the market. Today, Champion Cooler is one of the nation’s largest producers of evaporative coolers.


Champion Cooler’s mission is to provide the best quality product and consumer value on the market. Engineering and Research & Development efforts are directed toward producing high-performance evaporative coolers that provide long-lasting reliable cooling comfort.


Champion Cooler represents quality, performance, and durability in the marketplace. Champion Cooler’s products feature a unique polyester resin powdered paint finish electrostatically applied to all interior and exterior surfaces to provide the highest resistance to weather and impact. They are also environmentally friendly since less energy is required to cool an area when compared to air conditioning and no ozonedepleting chemicals are used in their operation. Champion Cooler models are backed by an 8-year limited warranty on the bottom pan against leakage due to rust out and a 1-year limited warranty on parts.


All Champion Cooler products are backed by a responsive and knowledgeable Customer Service Department. Questions and concerns are personally handled by Customer Service Representatives at Champion’s toll-free number 800-643-8341, or on the web at

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